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More Info

Exotic Niche 

We understand the marketplace and specialize in content creation for social influence that focuses on increasing audience engagement through social activity on video and photos, through the use of exotic imagery. (ie: extreme sports, super-cars, luxury houses, captivating landscapes and hidden gem locations, attractive models, etc.)


The aerial perspective opens up a whole new realm of possibilities while capturing the intensity of your story. From the DJI Inspire 2 to custom-built FPV Drones, we have top-end aerial equipment that we utilize to get high-quality shots without dealing with the difficulties of terrain to use in combination with the rest of our technology. We meet transport canada's requirements for UAV permits.

Lasting Partnership

We believe that creating a personal connection with our partners/clients is just as important as the working relationship. We want you to succeed long after project completion. Social media enables a worldwide connection with our clients and we’re huge supporters of the people we’ve met on this creative journey so far. We are keen to grow that track record.

Quality Content

Maintaining the authenticity of your brand while injecting a creative approach to exceed your requirements is our number one priority. From the initial drafts all the way through to the final edits of our finished product, we are committed to making your dreams a reality.

Variable Location

We are currently located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. As extreme sports cinematographers, we are always excited to explore and travel outdoors, especially in difficult terrain. We are willing and able to accommodate your specific locational requirements, all over the globe.


We leverage the latest in evolving technology and equipment to make sure your product is nothing but the best. From gimbals and lenses all the way to the editing and post-production stage, we make sure nothing but the best tools, to produce the imagery that you need.

Redefine Advertising
Car Ad.jpg

Something that Stands Out

We understand how to creatively engage and maintain audience retention while portraying the message you want to convey in your advertisement. This video shows our ability to take a pool of stock footage (From GoPro, all taken on GoPro cameras) and turn it into an ad that would get someone hooked. 


"Evocative Storytelling
in Every Shot"

HydroFly Kelowna Logo

Kelowna HydroFly

"As an athlete, I love when I get amazing content of me in action. Their team got some great shots of me. Very professional! Excited to work with more in the coming season."

                                            - Mike Prince

Meet the Team
Bearcub View Blurred.jpg


Cinematographer + Drone Pilot

Zane's cinematography and creative ideas help define AirborneAfro as a brand, and respectively, he takes on the responsibility as our content manager. His great personality is always uplifting while we are filming, and his modern approach to aesthetics and style is interlaced into our DNA.


About Us

Airborne Afro (Social) is a collective endeavor by a group of friends who connected during high school, and despite their contrasting personalities were consistently hanging out and collaborating on school projects. With our shared interest in creativity and artistry, many memories were made as our friendship developed past the classroom. As our lives have stabilized after graduating, we decided to pursue our legacy forward, and rise out of our small town together. We are excited for our upcoming adventures, and for the ability to look back on the memories of today.

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